How to disable WSUS in SBS

Since I am on the kick of disabling applications in SBS (Small Business Server), I figured I would post an article on disabling WSUS (Windows Server Update Services).  As with disabling SharePoint, it will save resources and if WSUS is broken then clients are not updating.  This process can be easily reversed if it is decided to re-enable WSUS later.  Lastly this process will not break the SBS console or any of the wizards.

Here is the process for disabling WSUS.

  1. Disable the following services in the services console.  (services.msc)
    • Update Services
    • Windows Internal Database (MICROSOFT##SSEE)*
  2. Disable the application pool and site in IIS (Internet Information Services) manager
    • Launch IIS manager.  (inetmgr)
    • Expand the server name.
    • Click on Application Pools.
    • Right-click WsusPool and choose Stop.
    • Click on Sites.
    • Right-click on WSUS Administration, highlight Manage Web Site, and click Stop.
    • Close the services console and the IIS manager.
  3. Unlink the group policies for WSUS.
    • Launch the Group Policy Management console.  (gpmc.msc)
    • Expand Forest
    • Expand Domains
    • Expand your domain name
    • Right-click on the following policies and select Delete.  You might get a popup indicating that you clicked on link.  Just click OK on that popup.
      • Update Services Client Computers Policy
      • Update Services Common Settings Policy
      • Update Services Server Computers Policy
    • Close the Group Policy Management console.




*For SBS 2008, do not disable this service unless you are also disabling SharePoint.


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