How to disable SharePoint (Companyweb) in SBS

This is a question I get from time to time.  How can I turn off Companyweb or SharePoint in SBS (Small Business Server)?

So why might you want to disable SharePoint (Companyweb)?

  1. SharePoint is not functioning properly and is clogging the application log with errors and warnings
  2. It is not being used, so why not free up the resources.  At least 500MB of RAM will be freed up.

Either way, here is my tested method for disabling SharePoint in less than 5 minutes.  This method allows SharePoint to be re-enabled again and does not cause problems with the wizards or the SBS console.  I prefer not to uninstall SharePoint as it takes a good amount of time to reinstall it and setup Companyweb.

  1. Disable the SharePoint services in the services console (services.msc)
    • SharePoint 2010 Administration
    • SharePoint 2010 Timer
    • SharePoint 2010 Tracing
    • SharePoint 2010 VSS Writer
    • SharePoint Foundation Search V4
    • SQL Server (SHAREPOINT)
  2. Stop the application pool and sites in IIS (Internet Information Services)
    • Launch IIS manager. (inetmgr)
    • Expand the server name and click Application Pools.
    • Stop the following application pools
      • SBS Sharepoint AppPool
      • SharePoint Central Administration v4
      • SharePoint Web Services Root
    • Click on Sites.
    • On each the following sites, right-click, highlight Manage Web Site, and choose Stop
      • Companyweb
      • SBS SharePoint
      • SharePoint Central Administration v4
      • SharePoint Web Services
    • Close the services console and IIS manager