Remove a Remote Desktop Server from a deployment.

Good afternoon all.  I figured I would take a few minutes for a quick RDS (Remote Desktop Services) tip.  There are some instances where it may be necessary to remove a role from a RDS server or remove a whole server.  You might think this is as easy as just removing the installed role(s).  There is one additional step though if you want the server to be removed from the list of Deployment Servers.


To remove a role from a server do the following:
1. Launch a PowerShell window as administrator2. Run: Remove-RDServer -Server “” -Role “RDS-Licensing”
3. Run: Remove-WindowsFeature RDS-Licensing

The above example will remove the RDS licensing role from the deployment and the role from the server.  The command can be changed to remove other role services.  You can run Get-Help Remove-RDServer for full details or go here.


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