Windows Server Essentials Configuration Troubleshooter

Good morning,
It has been a little while since I last posted, so I figured it was time to share a little gem.  My team had a case that had us scratching our heads.  I had previously seen the error, but the solution that worked several times before did not work.  In case you are curious here is the error we were seeing:
web server settings error

(There is an error in your Web server settings)

we opted to engage Microsoft support.  The support engineer had a trick up his sleeve and was able to resolve the issue quickly.  After doing some preliminary checking, he ran the configuration troubleshooter.  The tool pointed at a path issue with the RemoteAppPool application pool in IIS.  After fixing the path the errors were resolved.

I tried out this tool and it works great at verifying settings are correct.  The tool can be used to test IIS settings, the certificate authority, Essentials services, and whether ports for Essentials are open.  I am definitely adding this to my tool belt as it will significantly speed up troubleshooting.  You can find the tool here.  Below is a screenshot.  I just ignored the error as it did not seem to impact functionality.

Windows ESS Config Troubleshooter

I hope you found this post useful.  What is your favorite troubleshooting tool for Essentials?  Put the answer in the comments section below.


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